Predicting ocean chemistry using Microsoft Azure

Forecasting the weather is hard. Forecasting minute changes in ocean chemistry is harder.

Fortunately, with Microsoft Azure, Taylor Shellfish can handle the massive amounts of data required to track chemical levels in the sea, allowing them to anticipate changes needed to cultivate their product successfully. Azure provides new insights into available data as well as improved prediction and forecasting capabilities.

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Transforming the Australian agricultural industry

Human ingenuity created agriculture. Now, technology is aiding human ingenuity to ensure a sustainable future for farming that can feed the ever-growing global population.

Farmers in Australia are utilizing Azure to help them make faster, better-informed decisions regarding their crops. From regulating oyster water consumption to water levels in lettuce, Azure is there to provide unmatched processing power, predictive modeling, and Machine Learning.

No matter your industry, the data is there. It is a matter of having the right tools to enable turning that data into useful information.

Broadclyst School–Online Dining

Satisfying all stakeholders in an organization is no small task. But JTC Consulting Ltd knows getting everyone on the same page can produce superior results.
The dining hall at Broadclyst School seems an unlikely setting for high-tech consensus building. But #Office365 with Microsoft Forms enables school staff to feed each student according to his or her individual preferences. Following each pre-ordered meal, Broadclyst pupils enter immediate feedback into a Forms survey. Built-in analysis of this data informs the school kitchen’s food orders and menu design–leading to a happy, well-fed student body.

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Top e-retailer ASOS bets big on Azure to power a stellar digital experience for its 12 million customers.

Your competition is just a click away. JTC Consulting Ltd knows that, if your online customer experience is less than stellar, you’ve lost the game.

Leading fashion destination ASOS understands this and set out to rewrite its entire digital platform in the name of superior customer service. The clothing retailer opted to take a microservice approach targeting the #Azure platform for its massive scalability and ability to deliver globally consistent experiences–ensuring that the 12-million-plus ASOS customers can find and purchase what they need in record time.

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Do Great Work with Office 365, Even When There’s No Internet

JTC Consulting Ltd knows that small businesses need flexibility to do great work – which means being able to get stuff done with an Internet connection, or even without it. That’s why we like #Office365. Its AutoSave function is always on, and automatically saves your changes as you work. No Internet? No sweat! AutoSave will sync your changes as soon as you’re back online. Professional services company Turbine Test Services maximizes the flexibility that Office 365 provides by doing work anywhere – whether it be on the ground in the office, or at a client site, or atop a wind turbine 300 feet in the air. No matter your business or industry, JTC Consulting Ltd can help you work this easily and flexibly too. Have a look!