Customer Story: SitePro

How did the software platform, SitePro, find their competitive edge? By making themselves the “one-stop shop” for oil and gas companies to combine what used to be multiple systems–each operated by a different third party–into a single, scalable, integrated system.

For their customers, this means faster setup times for new facilities and efficient monitoring of their equipment. For SitePro, it means more business. Everyone wins. And, with the vast and affordable scalability Azure provides, they are free to expand their services exactly when needed and not a moment before.

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Microsoft identity-driven security

“In more than 63 percent of data breaches, hackers gain corporate network access through weak, default, or stolen user credentials.”

Using outdated multiple-password security is like leaving your front door unlocked for attackers. That’s why Microsoft developed Azure Active Directory Premium, which keeps your front door locked and bolted with features such as a single, secure sign on for all apps for each employee and multi-factor identification to make your network less password reliant.

Microsoft recognizes the importance of identity-driven security and their holistic strategy doesn’t stop there. Check out this infographic to learn more.


Protecting Azure resources with Recovery Services vault

Your data is important. You need the best data recovery service on the market. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know how to help you integrate the solutions that meet your needs.

With file and folder backup and recovery, virtual machine backup and recovery, and SQL running on IaaS VMs, Azure Recovery Services vault gives users a strong feature set and an easy-to-use data protection service for businesses to protect their data.

With Azure, your data is safe. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you integrate the suite of tools you need to recover your data.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Losing data is a real problem. IT must ensure it never happens, despite server crashes, power outages, or natural disasters. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we want you to have the right tools to prevent the unthinkable.

With Microsoft Azure, disaster recovery with Site Recovery, you can set up and test your disaster recovery solution in just 3 easy steps, and no need to pay for additional infrastructure. You’re just minutes away from total peace of mind.

Azure offers a business continuity solution that will seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. Contact us today to find out more on how we can help.


Microsoft 365 Holistic Security

Ask yourself: what is the point of the efficiency and mobility advantages technology has provided us if they can be canceled out by burdensome security battling the constant threat of attack?

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know we can do better. That’s why we believe in Microsoft 365 E5. The versatile, holistic security it provides is the key to making technology work for us, not cybercriminals.


More tools won’t make you more secure

As a business grows, often their security strategy is to continually add new security tools to patch the holes caused by internal expansion and the natural shifts in the threat landscape.

This patchwork solution only creates a lack visibility for emerging problems, current security risks, and even active threats.

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we believe in the single, comprehensive system of Microsoft 365 E5, protecting your entire business so you never have to wonder if you’re missing something. Contact us to learn more.


Vanquish the struggle between mobility and security

These days, many businesses view mobility as a necessity for its ability to increase productivity and efficiency while keeping employees happy by allowing them to access their work on a variety of devices and in a variety of locations.

Many businesses rightfully fear that this puts their valuable data at risk, causing them to limit mobility for the sake of security.

Luckily, with Microsoft 365 E5 in your corner, there are no tradeoffs. The security system is integrated with the software you are already running so no matter what device and no matter where you are, you are protected.

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Customer story: Ecolab

Ecolab is helping businesses everywhere conserve with data insights. With 36,000 sensors around the world, Ecolab needed a way to bring that data into simple visuals to inform customers. For them, Dynamics 365 is all about profitable growth. The more water they save, the more money they make. But integrating the tech necessary to accomplish that task can be easier said than done.

If you’re thinking of adopting a platform for insights and data, it’s best to enlist the help of pros. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we’re experts capable of helping you accomplish anything IT related. Contact us to find out more.


The Unsung: Phase 1

The security landscape is ever changing, and new threats continue to emerge from all parts of the world.

That is where The Unsung come in, ready to utilize the tools of Microsoft 365 E5 to keep your business protected from faceless foes, the cybercriminals looking for a way into your company network.

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we are ready to help you arm your own Unsung heroes, your IT professionals, with the capabilities of Microsoft 365 E5 so your business is never caught unaware.