Journey to GDPR Compliance

This e-book addresses Microsoft’s own journey to GDPR compliance. It shares their approach to global regulations and standards like the GDPR, what they’ve been doing to drive compliance within Microsoft, and key lessons learned along the way. This e-book will give you a window into the level of investment Microsoft has made. View: Journey to…


Office 365 Helps You Maintain & Grow Customer Relationships

In this clip, JTC Consulting Ltd examines how Outlook Customer Manager, a component of Office 365, helps small-business owners like Trevor Cressey maintain and grow their customer relationships. Trevor, whose Premier Water Removal service dries out flooded homes or businesses, depends on Outlook Customer Manager to track and organize all his customer data and keep…


Building cloud-native applications in Node.js and Azure

We know that many companies want to build fast, reliable, and flexible applications in the cloud. That’s why, at JTC Consulting Ltd, we bring you the latest tools, so you can make great apps and integrate great technology.

This e-book describes the basics of cloud-native applications and Node.js, explains their benefits, and walks you through the process of creating, hosting, and architecting your cloud-native application. It allows you to build fast, reliable, and flexible applications.

Our goal is to help you integrate these tools so you can achieve more. Contact us to find out how we can help.


Enhancing the Neural Network: Advances in AI Technology

Human-centered design can better our communities’ lives and help us strive for the impossible. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know you want to leverage intelligent technology to improve your customers lives–all while maintaining clear ethics and security.

Microsoft Cognitive Services lets you build apps with powerful algorithms using just a few lines of code. They work across devices and platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows, keep improving, and are easy to set up. You can build in a human aspect to your applications that will better serve your customers, be more secure, and always ensure the highest ethical code.

Check out this infographic and contact us to find out more.


Enterprise Cloud Strategy_2nd Edition eBook

In the past few years, cloud technology has evolved from being an “if” to a “when,” and across almost all enterprises, the cloud is an integral part of IT strategy. That’s why at JTC Consulting Ltd, we want to bring you the best information so you can update your cloud strategy to take advantage of the growing capabilities the cloud has to offer.

Many enterprises are finding that cloud computing offers entirely new business models, revenue streams, and vehicles for customer intimacy. This e-book lays out how to go about planning and adapting a cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of your company. Contact us so we can help you with your strategy.


How AI-powered organizations are getting ahead

By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we understand the growing challenges of the technological world and we’re determined to help you with the latest tools in AI.

With Azure, AI can have a profound effect on the world and your business. Just imagine the other impacts to customer engagement that will drive sales and give customers the best experience possible. Your organization can’t afford to sit on the sideline while others incorporate this tech into their businesses.

Let us help you integrate Azure and the unique AI features that enable you to achieve more.