Improving Firstline Worker Performance with Microsoft Office 365

Do your firstline workers struggle with productivity? Even if they may not realize it, there are ways to improve performance and productivity that can save your organization money and increase the happiness of your employees. JTC Consulting Ltd wants to help.

Based on a recent Forrester study, by integrating Office 365, companies improved business results in terms of increased sales and customer satisfaction. Organizations saw real business improvements because firstline workers were more integrated into the organization, and teamwork improved.

That’s the power of Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to learn more about how Office 365 can help your organization.


5 ways to make Outlook work for you

While function is the meat and potatoes of any good application, there’s something to be said for style. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we want to make sure your business utilizes both.

In Outlook, the @ symbol is the key to ensuring your email gets noticed. It’s an easy way to add people to the To line. Everyone you @mention is automatically added to the To line. Outlook will show the @ symbol in their message list in their inbox to get their attention.

We want you to have the latest information so that you can integrate the new and exciting features from Microsoft. Contact us to find out how we can help and check out this infographic for more Outlook features.


Hybrid Cloud Performance and Productivity ebook

Some businesses shifting to the cloud are seeing a sprawl of cloud-based services that are often uncontrolled and unmonitored. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that this can be a real problem, especially when that sprawl is unsanctioned.

In a hybrid cloud environment, you need visibility across all your resources to have true control. An integrated, cloud-native solution can provide the insights you need to fix issues faster, and to manage the risks introduced by cloud sprawl. Microsoft Azure can help your organization prevent sprawl.

Shifting to the cloud isn’t easy and we want to help you prevent mistakes along the way. Contact us to find out how we can help.


How to provide persistent data protection on-premises and in the cloud

Ensuring compliance with company or regulatory security requirements and policies across all your cloud workloads can be a challenge. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know how to help you maintain persistent data protection for all of your data.

With Azure cloud services, it’s easy to deploy, configure, secure, and manage your network. Continuously monitor the security of your virtual machines, networks, and Azure services using hundreds of built-in security assessments or create your own.

We want to help you transition to a secure cloud platform. Check out this infographic and contact us to see how we can help you make the shift.


Office 365 Empowers Premier Water Removal’s Growth, and its Owner’s Compassion

JTC Consulting Ltd brings you a compelling new small-business customer story from Microsoft. In this video, we highlight Trevor Cressey, an entrepreneur motivated by the compassion he learned–for others and, ultimately, for himself–at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Trevor counts on #Office365 to help his 25-person team communicate and update project information in real time so they can deliver the best possible customer service. #Office365 gives Trevor the versatility he needs to support his team across desktops, laptops, phones, or tablets. Contact us to learn how we can help you get the same advantage.


GM Is Insourcing Its Datacenters: What’s Your Plan to Leverage High-Value Data?

Why did GM build a $258 million enterprise datacenter in Moring, Michigan? Previously they out-sourced their datacenter needs to cut costs, and now they’re bringing it back home. But that move probably isn’t right for smaller companies.

Most of the time, keeping your IT in-house has more costs than you may realize. Azure can help your business by taking on a lot of the overhead, enabling you to focus on what it is that you do best and reduce costs at the same time. Azure allows you to analyze at the scale you need with high compute and storage capacity.

JTC Consulting Ltd wants to help you integrate this amazing tech into your business. Contact us to find out how.


Behind the Team – Rival Analysis

How do you win against 140 different opponents worldwide? Have a solid strategy. Real Madrid, with the help of Microsoft technology, analyzes massive amounts of data on their opponents to find trends and weaknesses in their game that Real can exploit.

Azure allows you to bring all of your information together in a single view for actionable insight. Collect, store, and analyze log data from virtually any Windows Server and Linux source. With the right tech, your business can play with the champions.

JTC Consulting Ltd wants to help your organization integrate Azure analytics technology so you can achieve more. Contact us to find out how.


What Your Startup Needs To Know About Predictive Analytics (It Is Not As Scary As It Sounds)

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that you could be spending less and getting more for your marketing budget. With AI, you can hone your customer segmentation and cut costs.

Through machine learning informed by historical campaign data, Azure helps predict customer responses and recommends an optimized plan for connecting with your leads. Optimizing your campaigns with the predictive marketing tools in Azure helps improve both sales leads and revenue generation and can provide strong ROI for your marketing investment.

Contact us to see how we can help you integrate Azure AI services and check out What Your Startup Needs To Know About Predictive Analytics.


Microsoft AI: Empowering cancer research

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that you want your organization to make an impact. Virginia Tech is using the latest advancements in technology to empower cancer researchers to make an impact on people’s lives.

By leveraging cloud computing and AI, Virginia Tech is increasing the amount of data they can analyze and process in great strides. Mapping the human genome used to take weeks, now researchers can map 100 genomes each day. Imagine how that technology could empower your organization to achieve great things.

We want to help your organization make an impact. Contact us to learn more.


Turbocharge Your Business Productivity

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that productivity is an important part of your business. Without it, you’re likely running up costs and creating confusion within your organization. That’s why we bring you the best tools in productivity.

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps with powerful cloud services, Office 365 lets anyone create and collaborate anywhere on any device.

We want to help you optimize your productivity with the collaborative tools from Office 365. Contact us to see how and check out this article for more.