Treating childhood blindness, halfway around the world

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know collaboration is the key to success for every business. That’s why we work to ensure your business communication needs are met so that you’re free to collaborate, ideate, and create.

Office 365 is empowering the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and SADA Systems to collaborate with doctors all over the world so they can hone their skills and provide better care for kids. But Office 365 isn’t limited to use in the OR. You can use Skype to enhance your collaborative efforts within your own organization.

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6 Tips For Tech Executives’ Success In Today’s World Of Technology

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that cloud computing is transforming the way organizations buy, sell, and use technology, and we feel it’s important that our customers have the same opportunity to transform themselves.

The great shift to cloud computing has largely excluded most businesses with traditional on-premises hardware and software that might not have the resources to make such a drastic move. To solve this problem, Microsoft has created hybrid cloud services that allow businesses to shift as much or as little of their computing needs as they want to the cloud.


The Microsoft Cloud gives insight into every swing

The PGA Tour uses the cloud to analyze countless data points and gain insight on every swing, chip, and putt, transforming their business and enhancing the game for fans and players. Microsoft has made the cloud available to everyone with affordable pricing options and hybrid plans. You can’t afford to not make the change.

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Location is at the heart of everything

With the rise of mobile and connected devices, the need for geospatial services has increased as well. At JTC Consulting Ltd, we understand that need. That’s why we work to bring you geospatial data solutions that will help you along your journey.

Azure Location Based Services (Azure LBS) is a portfolio of geospatial service APIs that enable you integrate location-aware functions in your apps and solutions. With Azure LBS, the applications are endless, allowing you to easily integrate a host of capabilities into your application.

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Applying AI: Easy integration for intelligent programs

With the rapid advancement of AI technology, integrating AI might seem more complicated than it really is. That’s why JTC Consulting Ltd has come up with this Easy Integration for Intelligent Programs document.

Azure makes applying AI to your organization easy. With Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Azure Machine Learning, and other apps and services, you can integrate AI seamlessly and quickly. Want to achieve greater things? Azure can help you make your ideas reality.

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Microsoft 365 Business | FAQs

Ever wondered what Microsoft 365 Business is? Or who should adopt it? At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that you may have a lot of questions about the solutions we provide you, that’s why we’ve put together this Office 365 Business FAQs guide.

Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution that brings together best-in-class productivity tools and device management abilities for small-to-medium-sized businesses. It provides enterprise-grade security capabilities, so you can protect data across all your devices.

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