6 Ways Big Data Helps Companies Mitigate Risks

In the past, “change” had a negative connotation. Today, change is a part of doing business in every industry. In fact, the company that can pivot the fastest often reaps the reward of going to market first–customer patronage. But can a business change and mitigate risk?

Azure can help your business analyze Big Data, identify patterns and trends, and facilitate pivots when the market changes. With Azure, you can integrate Big Data from across the enterprise value chain and use advanced analytics in real time to optimize supply-side performance, save money, and reduce risk.

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Behind the team–the fans

How do you bring together 500 million fans across 183 different countries? Ask Real Madrid. With a fan base of only 3% in Spain, they are the epitome of a global enterprise. Reaching fans across the entire world is a challenge, yet Real can do it with Microsoft Azure.

With Azure, Real delivers better experiences and makes better decisions by analyzing massive amounts of data in real time.

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10 Predictions For AI, Big Data, And Analytics In 2018

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that the future of technology is changing faster than many businesses can adapt. With artificial intelligence, your business can easily meet the demands of a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Azure offers a comprehensive set of AI services for any scenario and enterprise-grade AI infrastructure that runs AI workloads anywhere at scale. Modern AI tools designed for developers and data scientists help you create AI solutions with maximum productivity.

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Braylon O’Neill: Making Strides with Prosthetics

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that technology is constantly changing the way you do business. That same technological change is being used to empower people to achieve greater things. Just ask Braylon O’Neill.

Braylon was born without his tibia and fibula bones in both of his legs. But that doesn’t stop him from anything. With AI, doctors are analyzing Braylon’s gait mechanics to build better limbs, so he can walk, run, and play sports. This same tech can be used to analyze your business and allow your organization and employees to achieve more.

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15 Ways Leaders Can Promote Creativity In The Workplace

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that collaboration is key when it comes to fostering creativity within your organization. If your employees don’t feel heard, they won’t express their unique ideas that make them so valuable to your organization. Having the right tech to support creativity is just as important.

Office 365 is designed to promote creativity in the workplace. From Designer in PowerPoint to Ink Editor in Word, you have access to Office 365 features that can help you create in powerful new ways.

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Football, Teamwork and Technology: California School for the Deaf

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know communication is an important part of making your business run smoothly. That’s why we work to fill any gaps in your business communication infrastructure, so your team can get the job done.

Microsoft Surface with Office 365 is empowering the California School for the Deaf to communicate more efficiently. By utilizing Surface to disseminate their playbook, players know how they can win big. Microsoft Surface isn’t just for high school athletes, businesses can employ Surface to empower their organization.

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5 Ways cloud computing is changing the business world

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that cloud computing is transforming the way organizations buy, sell, and use technology, and we feel it’s important that our customers have the same opportunity to transform themselves.

Startups, governments, and 90% of Fortune 500 businesses run on Microsoft cloud services today. Azure protects business assets while reducing security costs and complexity. Built-in security controls and AI help you easily identify and respond to threats and security gaps, allowing your organization to meet the demands of today’s market.

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Brewing a new age: Carlsberg taps technology to modernize a centuries-old company

At JTC Consulting Ltd, we know that shifting to the cloud is a large undertaking. But with the right tools, your organization can make the journey as seamless as possible. Carlsberg Group used Azure to merge their 140-brewery empire.

Carlsberg Group is one of the leading brewing companies worldwide, distributing beer across 150 markets. To get a fuller view of their customers, they use Azure. With more than 100 services and great end-to-end tools, you can use Azure to make your business successful just like Carlsberg.

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